August 2018 Meeting Updates

Summer is winding down, but things at Lady Boss Club are ramping back up after our July vacations! There were three meetings this month that were well attended and inspirational to the ladies who joined in.

In Springfield, MA three ladies attended the meeting. Katie Taccore from Open Pixel Studios, Stephanie Bearce, a Holistic Wellness Coach, and Sophia Stuart (Freeze Dry Inc). Katie is one of three ladies who formed an animation studio that is focusing on helping businesses to get information to people by creating explainer videos for websites and social media. Stephanie is developing a holistic health program specifically for women-entrepreneurs, while working on her book and a podcast. Sophia’s business grew significantly this spring and was in need of a larger space. Thus, Sophia moved her business from Vermont to a larger space in New Jersey. She had to stop her manufacturing for few months while setting up the new location, obtaining permits, and hiring and training a new crew.

In Woodstock, VT five ladies attended the meeting, a smaller group than usual due to summer vacation. The speaker was Brittany Schones of Square Light Aerial Photography.  She had an interesting story about how she started her business, basically learning how to fly a drone and shoot photography all at the same time with NO prior experience in either.  She is a real hustler, a scrappy young lady with real entrepreneurial initiatives whose story inspired the other women there.

In Manchester, NH there were four women in attendance. Heidi Therrien and Chloe Longstreet were there as returning members and we had two new ladies, Elisia Morgani and Kaylin Ossing. Heidi determined that her original business idea, Tea and Terrariums, was not financially solvent, and she is looking for inspiration once again. She was excited to be attending Inbound Boston and promised to tell us all about it upon her return! Elisia recently quit her full time job to pursue her goal of becoming a full time health coach and movement educator, an exciting and scary move that many of us can relate to. Kaylin of Cruise Planners works part time as a travel planner and we discussed tips for networking with her. Chloe of Awen Books and More has started the interview process for independent contractors to help her grow her business, but she is still struggling with what direction she wants the role to take.

Are you a current member who hasn’t attended a Lady Boss Club meeting in a while? A prospective or new member who is interested in attending? Check out our schedule to see if there is a meeting near you and we hope to see you soon!


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