July Meeting Updates

This month, most of the Lady Boss Club chapters were on vacation for the summer. We did have successful meetings in both Springfield, MA and Manchester, NH. If you want to know who came to the meetings, what they talked about, or you’re just curious about what happens at a Lady Boss Club meeting, reading the monthly update is a great way to find out!
The Springfield, MA meeting was held on Friday July 13th and was hosted by the founder of Lady Boss Club, Sophia Stuart. There were four other women in attendance (sometimes we have members in attendance who are restricted on what they can share on the internet or via social media, thus those members names will not always be included in the public meeting updates).
Sophia Stuart is pleased to announce that her move went well, better than expected, and she is now setting up operations in NJ; planning the internal wall layout, getting all the necessary approvals and registrations, and trying to get a small business loan through local SBDC.
Stephanie Bearce is a Holistic Heath and Wellness Coach. She owns a rapidly growing business and offers online coaching, as well as face-to-face sessions. She is currently looking for a space to expand and offer classes. Improving her online presence is one of the things on her to-do list. She also expressed interest in running a Springfield, MA, chapter.
Fannie Minot is a lawyer. She has tremendous experience and connections with narrow specialized lawyers (and not only). She was working for someone for a while and is now starting her own practice. She expressed an interest in helping establish a chapter in Brooklyn NY, and possibly starting and running one near Boston, MA.
Brittany Van Allen is a student of the University of Hartford. She is a smart and motivated young lady that wants to learn the art of starting and running small businesses. She expressed an interest in starting a chapter in Hartford, CT and spreading our Club’s resources and knowledge to a younger generation, that could be very valuable connection for existing members as well (new generation visions, feedback on products and services, help with modern movements, etc).
The Manchester, NH meeting was on July 25th. It was hosted by Chloe Longstreet. There were four women in attendance. Two were new members and two were returning members.
Karen Scott-Martinet of Imagine Knowing is a business consultant who works with businesses to streamline their business processes, primarily working with financial documents. She recently moved to the area and is looking to figure out what a reasonable price point is for her services in New England.
Shannon Hamlyn of RainSoft sells water filtration systems for homes and is looking for a solution to help her gain an edge over her competitor, as she has found the branding of her company was not managed well before it was purchased.
Chloe Longstreet of Awen Books and More is looking to hire an independent contractor to help her grow her business with the ultimate goal of hiring someone full time by the end of 2019. She is debating her options and hoping to make her decision soon.

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