June Meeting Updates

June Meeting Updates

Here are the updates and summaries for the June Lady Boss Club meetings!

Woodstock, VT

Ten people were at the Woodstock meeting on Tuesday the 19th.  Lulu White was the guest speaker and spoke about “Everything you need to know before spending a dime on a website.” This is valuable information for small business owners! It was a good meeting with a lot of conversation and information.

There will be no meeting in Woodstock in July, and the next meeting will be on Tuesday August 21.

Manchester, NH
The Manchester meeting was really incredible this month. With just four attendees, we were able to really have some great conversations and dig into some of the things we were all struggling with. Heidi Therrien, who visited a few months ago looking for inspiration and ideas to start her own business, was excited to announce the creation of Tea and Terrarium. We spoke a bit about coming up with an elevator speech for her new company.  Maja Ignjic and Laura Batista, both new realtors with Keller Williams Realty, had their own pain points to discuss. Maja, who is new to the area, was looking for ideas on ways to expand her network. We suggested Meetup and had a laugh over Chloe borrowing a friend’s dog to go on a hike to meet people when she moved to the area. Laura spoke about how difficult it is for her to approach people and her struggles with cold calls. Heidi shared a great story about how she managed to get a sale out of someone who threatened to chop her up when she cold-called him, and she also gave some excellent sales and cold-calling advice. Chloe Longstreet of Awen Books and More spoke about her upcoming campaign that she hopes will help build trust in her abilities and thus lead to a higher level of trust with her company.
Overall, there were lots of laughs, good food, and great advice. All the women at the meeting walked away feeling extra motivated and energized by the interaction they had.
Springfield, MA
June was the first Lady Boss Club meeting in Springfield at MSBDC. It was a smaller meeting where the women in attendance discussed specifics and tips for bidders on real estate auctions and foreclosures, as well as some unethical tricks that could be used by competitors and how to avoid becoming a victim of them. They also discussed the difficulties in picking a state for moving an existing business to, and what type of property to buy or rent. The pluses and minuses of VT, NH, MA, NJ, CT, NY, and PA were analyzed.
The next meeting in Springfield will take place on July 13th at noon, also at MSBDC (1st Federal St, Springfield, MA, Peter Pan Conference room).
Nashua, NH
The Nashua meeting is on vacation through August, we will be meeting again on August 30 at noon at the Center for Women and Enterprise on the 6th floor at 30 Temple Street.
Other upcoming meetings
The next online meeting will be on the second Tuesday of September. Topic and guest speaker TBD.
We will also have our first meeting in Lebanon, NH and Brooklyn, NY, both currently scheduled for the end of August.

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