Who We Are:

Lady Boss Club is a community made up of women entrepreneurs, for women entrepreneurs. The club consists of over 1000 businesswomen and we meet regularly on- and off-line to talk about our businesses. We share our success stories, experiences, struggles, interesting information and opportunities, while networking, educating and supporting each other. We strive to help each other to start, grow, and succeed as business owners.

Who We Are NOT:

We are not a classical networking group. We are not trying to sell each other stuff or services. We are not trying to recruit each other to MLM organizations. We are not a classical educational organization and never invite guest speakers who have never tried what they are talking about and proven their experience through practice. We are not a legal advisory group.

Our Mission:

To provide support and assistance to women at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

Member Policies:

1. Register for meetings when you are coming,
2. Change your status if other more important events are not allowing you to attend.
3. Be respectful to other members and be ON TIME.
4. We are not trying to sell each other goods or services, as well as not trying to recruit to direct sales business or MLM.

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